The District has created a COVID-19 Guiding Document which contains helpful information for parents/guardians, students, and staff. The electronic document can be viewed here

Any information in the COVID-19 Guiding Document that is underlined is a hyperlink, which means once it’s clicked, the reader will be directed to another page, document, or video with additional information on that particular topic.

Page numbers listed in the index are also hyperlinked to assist in quickly locating specific information within the Guide. The community is encouraged to review the entire Guiding Document, paying special attention to the subjects listed below:

• Technology Brought to Campus Daily: Page 11
• Visitor Protocols: Page 12
• Face Covering Requirements on Buses and in School: Page 13
• Classroom Spacing and Configuration: Page 15
• Link to Cleaning Guidelines for COVID-19: Page 17
• Clinic Processes: Page 22
• COVID Protocols for Students When Testing Positive: Page 22
• Lunch and Cafeteria: Page 14 and Page 25
• Transportation (Buses): Page 30

The District has also created a comprehensive FAQ page that will answer many of your questions:

The staff at every District school are available to answer questions pertaining to the school plans. Each child’s teacher should always be the first point of contact. Additionally, there are many other sources of information available to assist families.

The Communications helpline will remain open through late September to answer questions. Operators are available in English, Spanish, and Haitian-Creole. The number for the hotline is (561) 969-5840.

The IT Helpline is also available for technical questions regarding a child’s District-issued computer. That number is (561) 242-4100.

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